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Personal Training for Professional Voice Users

Postnatal Core and Pelvic Floor

  • Vocal Power, Stamina & Control
  • Breath Support
  • Posture 
  • Incontinence, Back Pain, Diastasis Recti, Neck Issues, Prolapse

Jeri Sager

"I am a Broadway veteran, of almost 35 years, and I still depend on my voice for my living. Erika’s work with me on my breathing has been incredible. Her extensive knowledge of the human body, and how it functions has better informed the way I warm up, the way I warm down, and how I prep for a performance. Her background as an elite athlete gives her a real understanding of me as a performer and all that entails. She is so clear with her explanations and always willing to talk through difficulties, and challenges. Erika’s work with my breathing has already improved the consistency of my performances and has helped off stage as well. Thank you Erika, you are a joy to work with, and I trust you implicitly with my voice – I just wish I had worked with you earlier in my career!"

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