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Core • Pelvic Floor • Voice • Athleticism

with Erika Young

In her exclusive 1:1 program, Erika offers customized coaching and support to train the body to move, breathe, and sing with ease. 

This option is designed for those who want to resolve common postnatal concerns (back pain, posture, leaking, and pelvic pain) as well as optimize their whole body for athletic and vocal performance.  

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"Erika’s unique expertise has helped to change my life. After giving birth to two children, she has given me the tools to be more able-bodied again, personally as a mama and professionally as a singer.

I am now able to be a more active and agile mama again because of her, without fear of pain. I feel like I got a part of myself back that I’d thought was otherwise lost, all due to Erika’s specialized training.

I am also a more capable singer again because of Erika’s rare skill set. I never knew how intimately connected the voice and the pelvic floor are. After my last birth, my voice was left compromised in a way that was flummoxing even top vocal specialists. Erika’s one-of-a-kind practical, specific breath and physical strengthening approach has helped me regain my vocal control and clarity. She’s given me the tools I now use every day to grow stronger and stronger.

And if that wasn’t enough, HOW Erika goes about all this is deeply supportive. She will create a program that is specific to your individual needs and gently walk you through each step like a loving friend and coach. I cannot recommend Erika enough!"

- Joy Williams, Grammy Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter

Speaking and singing are physical activities, so we can improve vocal efficiency and stamina through improved muscle coordination and overall strength.  

During pregnancy, inevitable shifts occur in our breathing mechanics, posture, and movement patterns, which influence how we produce sound.   

In restoring function to our core and pelvic floor, we can move and perform better while eliminating pain and frustrating symptoms.  Improving breath and pelvic floor control are the keystones to athleticism, mobility, and vocal control.  

In my 1:1 coaching program, we work together to enhance your vocal and physical fitness.  By addressing your whole-body dynamics, breathing, and alignment, we can optimize your vocal and physical potential.

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Erika Young is a pre & postnatal personal trainer specializing in core and pelvic floor function.  She is an accomplished athlete and coach with two decades of experience.  

After resolving her own pelvic floor dysfunction, Erika noticed that many of her clients' symptoms throughout the body were linked to the pelvis.  Erika now exclusively coaches perinatal women, helping them resolve back pain, incontinence, prolapse symptoms, diastasis recti, and voice issues.  

PCES- Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist
CPPC- Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach
ACE- Certified Personal Trainer
FMS- Functional Movement Screen
PN1- Precision Nutrition
EP- Empowered Performance
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