Stronger Beyond Birth

Restoring core and pelvic floor strength so moms can feel limitless in fitness and in life.

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Does your body feel different after pregnancy, whether that was 2 months or 20 years ago?


Do you now struggle with back, knee, or hip pain when trying to workout?


Does your core look different or lack support?


When you jump or run, do you pee a little bit?


Has your doctor told you that all of this is “normal” and you just have to deal with it?

It IS normal for your body to change after birth. But you don’t have to continue to struggle with pain, weak abs, or pee-sneezes. You can feel stronger than you have in years with my comprehensive, proven post-baby recovery program, even if your “baby” is in college.

Core feels weak? Rediscover strength you forgot you had.

Diastasis recti? Resolve it and feel more supported.

Bladder challenges? Feel more confident jumping, sneezing and running.

Prolapse Symptom? Expand your exercise options without feeling vulnerable.

Injury prone? Gain more stability in your core and learn proper exercise form.

Want to improve posture? The pelvic floor and breathing are key.

Give your body the TLC it deserves after growing, delivering and raising children. Customize your plan for returning to fitness- running, jumping, lifting weights or lifting grandchildren.

More Strength, Less Pain

Decrease or eliminate back, hip, neck, and back pain. Feel more energetic in your day to day life.

Better Posture

More strength means improved confidence.

Fewer Postpartum Symptoms

Significantly decrease leaking, urgency, achiness, and core weakness.

Moms, it is time to feel strong again.

This is the program I wish I had had 8 years ago. As an athlete and an experienced fitness professional, I was shocked to find myself with pelvic floor dysfunction. Beyond not being able to jump rope without leakage, my core just felt off. Regardless of how much I ran, planked, stretched, my body felt achy and one injury led me to the next.

Unfortunately, I am not alone in this experience. Postpartum care is inadequate. A huge gap exists between giving birth and returning to fitness and daily life. For the last 5 years, I have worked exclusively with postpartum moms to help fill that gap. You deserve to feel strong and trust your body to keep you injury-free. I have helped 100’s of moms regain that feeling.

Now, it is your turn.

Erika helped me resolve my 4 cm diastasis recti. It has been years since my youngest child was born and yet the breathing and corrective exercises worked!! Erika is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have been able to take what I have learned and apply it in the fitness classes that I teach.


In Stronger Beyond Birth, you will get:

  1. Education and Pelvic Floor 101. 4-6 minute videos covering the basics: sneezing, back pain, diastasis, and why breathing matters. Just enough basic information to be informative and empowering.

  2. Awareness and Observation. I hold your hand and take you step-by-step as we determine together patterns and postures in your body that could contribute to symptoms and weakness. You just check the boxes for what you see and feel. Easy Peasy.

  3. (Weeks 1-2) Determine your path and get to work. There are 3 different pathways within the course, and your checked boxes will tell you exactly which path is the best fit for you. In 15 minutes/day 4x per week, we will start with simple breathing and mobility exercises to reconnect with your core and pelvic floor. No stress, no sweat- really, no sweating yet! Phase 1 is slow, mindful, even relaxing.

  4. (Weeks 3-4) Apply your new connection to everyday movement. In all phases, every individual exercise has its own short video so you can quickly navigate and troubleshoot. I have also included full length (15 minute) videos so you can just push play and follow along. In this phase, things are starting to look a little more like exercise than rehab.

  5. (Weeks 5-6) Build on your foundation. You are noticing a decrease in symptoms and your new postures and patterns are feeling more natural. Grab some dumbbells and load those patterns to get stronger and more mobile, in still just 15 minutes a few times a week.

  6. (Weeks 6-8) Training for life and for fitness. It is time to squat, hinge, push, pull, & balance like the core and pelvic floor champion that you are. It is magical to discover yourself doing movements you never thought possible- while staying pain and symptom free. Still 15 minutes but feels like a workout.

  7. Awareness and Observation, The Sequel. Take a look back and document changes you notice in back pain, diastasis, leaking, and exercise form and mobility. Celebrate! Most women are shocked at how differently they feel and move. We will also cover strategies for carrying toddlers, moving furniture, and moving well.

  8. What is next? Get some coaching on how to transition to whatever form of exercise feels right for your body right now. And answering your final questions about the pelvic floor, sex, our bodies and building a resilient body image. This is choose your own adventure from this point forward.

    • Expert Interview: Dr. Kelly Resha, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. What to expect, what questions to ask, and how to manage pelvic floor symptoms.
    • Expert interview: Dr. Laura Gordey, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. The emotional side of pelvic floor function, injuries, and returning to sex postpartum.
    • Expert Interview: Sarah Torti, Mental Health and Eating Disorder Counselor. On managing body image and expectations, pressure, culture, dieting and our daughters.
    • Introduction to kettlebell swings
    • Introduction to barbell squats
    • Introduction to barbell deadlifts
    • Jumping rope without leaking
    • Yoga and your pelvic floor, with specialist Chelsea Young
    • Returning to running postpartum

πŸ† You even get a trophy! πŸ†

After you complete Weeks 6-8 of the rehab phase, I put a trophy, engraved with your name, in the mail for you. Making 15 minutes a day a few times a week is no easy feat when you are the mom. Your body has been through a lot and you deserve to be celebrated.

Erika gave me my life back. Following a half marathon my  pelvic floor issues made even walking short distances quite painful. Not being able to exercise was really depressing. I found Erika after trying pelvic floor physiotherapy and medical interventions with little relief. Although the youngest of my four children is far from a baby, Erika got me back to running and exercising again and as a bonus my strength improved dramatically.


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I spent many years thinking that peeing during exercise, sneezing, coughing and jumping was a forever gift from my 3 children (11,10, 4) who were all over 9lbs at birth.

I was very dubious and skeptical that the course really would deliver the results I wanted.  The first time I sneezed after starting her program, I was shocked that I didn’t pee! I was absolutely ecstatic when after 6 weeks, I felt confident enough to jump with my daughter for 45 minutes on the trampoline and had no issues at all.



Unlike other coaches, Erika didn’t see my age (62)  or past injuries as a problem. 

What I learned from Erika has stayed with me. Because of her efforts, I am stronger and healthier, able to do so much more and still feel great. Her efforts with me helped me unlearn years of bad exercise habits.

In just a few short weeks I grew noticeably stronger. The most beneficial thing Erika taught me was how to breathe – and I know that sounds like it’s not that big a deal, but believe me,  once she taught me these techniques, I  found myself being able to do so much more than I had dreamed of. 


Even Stronger builds on the same movement patterns and foundations from Stronger Beyond Birth, so you can work hard, but not feel overwhelmed or out of your league. Some women will be ready to transition back into jumping, or if you don’t feel ready, you will feel confident in your ability to modify on the spot.

Each 25 minute workout includes:

  • Customizable warm up and mobility work
  • 15-20 minutes of resistance training
  • A quick burst of cardio
  • And individualized cool down and stretch

Everything you need is right there in the app and also comes with printable worksheets so you know just what to do.


After my baby was born, I followed Erika's postnatal program and she has been amazing! She has helped me gain so much confidence and increased my overall strength.  I have learned more about the body, weight training, and nutrition than I ever knew (and I was a former athlete). She is not only a phenomenal trainer but an amazing person who connects with her clients.  She is a true genius in her expertise.


I started working with Erika about a year after my pregnancy.  I felt weak, not happy with myself and my own workouts didn’t seem to be getting me any results.  Erika discovered my diastasis and weak hip muscles.   I joined Erika’s postnatal recovery program and I can say 8 weeks later that it has been truly life-changing. 

Erika helped me get back on track and feel like I can truly have a healthy body that works like it was designed to! 

About Erika

Erika Young is an experienced personal trainer, specializing in pre and postnatal fitness. She has competed in and coached a wide variety of sports, but now focuses exclusively on helping moms feel strong during and after pregnancy.

Erika's qualifications include: PCES (Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist), GGS Certified Pre&Postnatal Coach, ACE-CPT, PN1- Precision Nutrition, FMS-1- Functional Movement Screen, TRX and Metabolic Effect Hormonal Fat Loss Specialist.


Erika's program was recommended by another personal trainer. While I had been getting by with some pelvic floor issues and diastasis recti after having twin boys over 9 years ago, it was clear that if I didn't take care of my issues that I would be dealing with more physical problems in the future. Within three months of doing Erika's program, we were able to solve my pelvic floor problems and close up my diastasis recti. I have never felt stronger!


Mom, it's time for your body to feel strong again. Your body needs this.


Erika is extremely knowledgeable about everything pre & postnatal.  I recommend her programs to everyone who has ever had a baby, especially if they still have diastasis, leaking, or back pain.  It is very rare in the fitness industry to find a coach with a deep understanding of what moms need, so I send everyone to Erika!  If your back hurts or exercise is frustrating because you leak every time you jump, it is so easy to stop exercising completely. But it does not have to be that way- Erika’s program can help you eliminate those things and stay fit for life! 


It’s been 11 years since I had twins. That day brought a backache that would be in my life almost every day since. Nothing I tried worked, until I discovered Erika's program. Whether you had a baby a month ago or 50 years ago, if you deal with a backache, weak core, weak bladder control, and so on, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I started Stronger Beyond Birth 3 months ago and now I can't remember the last time I had a backache. Before, I was not able to lean over a sink to wash dishes, sit on the floor long enough to wrap Christmas presents, mop, or play ball with the twins without causing backache. Now, I am squatting and deadlifting heavy weights! 

Erika understands how busy mom life is, so the program is effective and efficient. I cannot thank her enough for how much my quality of life and gym confidence has improved.  


I have been suffering with increasing lower back pain for the better part of 5 years.  Over the last year, it had become debilitating and I cut out all forms of exercise- from weightlifting to pilates to yoga.  This is, until I met Erika.  Erika helped me retrain how I use my body, first in everyday ways, but then reintegrating how I use my body for strength training.

In very little time, I have transformed how I move throughout the day and through my workouts.  I can now safely and effectively complete a pain-free weight training workout.  More importantly, I have reversed and stalled an injury I thought I would have for life.  As a lifelong gym rat and yogi, I thought I was going to have to give up. Erika made it possible for me to keep going. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to her.