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Hello mama! 

I know how hard it is to find a spare moment as a mom, so thank you for spending a minute with me.  I am Erika- mom, trainer, and pre & postnatal specialist.

If you had told me 2 decades ago that I would be the go-to "Core and Pelvic Floor Lady", I would have laughed so hard- and even without peeing my pants.   

Most of us are completely unprepared for how hard a pregnancy can be on our bodies.  We read all the books to help baby sleep, eat, and potty train. We obsess about their milestones and if a pediatrician suggests speech therapy or allergy testing, we book that appointment within the hour.  

But our own bodies?  Nah.  After nourishing, delivering, surgical interventions, fluctuating hormones and sleep deprivation, we are expected to tuck away any evidence of what our bodies have done.  We start to hear the terms "bounce back" and after an inadequate 6 week check up, we get a pat on the back, some birth control and the all-clear to start exercising to lose baby weight.  

I believe that moms deserve more support for all aspects of our mental and physical wellbeing.  While there is so much joy and celebration that comes with a birth, there are also very real and common concerns that are radically underserved. 

I felt so alone.  I believed that I was the only person out there struggling with continence in my 30s. I was sure the back pain, hip pain, and IT band issues were a function of my inadequacy as an athlete, a trainer, and even as a mother.  


But I wasn't alone and neither are you. I have an entire community of women who have decided that self care is more than bubble baths and expensive face cream.  It is making time to resolve core and pelvic floor issues and feeling reconnected to our bodies.  

Erika's qualifications include:  PCES-  Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist; GGS CPPC - Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach; ACE CPT - Certified Personal Trainer; Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy Live; PN1 - Precision Nutrition Coach; FMS-1 Functional Movement Screen, TRX Certified; Metabolic Effect Hormonal Fat Loss Coach. 

Erika' Athletic Background includes: Gymnastics, Collegiate Track and Field (School and conference record holder and national qualifier), Long Track Speedskating, Triathlon (Age group national qualifier).

Oh, and roller derby.  After 6 years straight of pregnancies, breastfeeding and potty training, I had some angst that I needed to channel. 

I would love to help you reconnect with your body.  You are worth it. 

So glad you are here!

















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