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Erika helped me resolve my 4 cm diastasis recti. It has been years since my youngest child was born and yet the breathing and corrective exercises worked!! Erika is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have been able to take what I have learned and apply it in the fitness classes that I teach.


I spent many years thinking that peeing during exercise, sneezing, coughing and jumping was a forever gift from my 3 children (11,10, 4) who were all over 9lbs at birth. When Erika said the symptoms could be eliminated, I was amazed and desperate to find out more.  I signed up for her 8 week postnatal program. I was very dubious and skeptical that the course really would deliver the results I wanted.  The first time I sneezed after starting her program, I was shocked that I didn’t pee! I was absolutely ecstatic when after 6 weeks, I felt confident enough to jump with my daughter for 45 minutes on the trampoline and had no issues at all.  I have total confidence in my pelvic floor and core strength and with Erika’s fantastic knowledge, motivation, support and challenge, I have even ventured into areas of the gym that I would never dream of going into.  I have been deadlifting and squatting with weights I would have never believed possible! Thank you Erika, for encouraging and supporting me on this journey.


Erika gave me my life back. Following a half marathon my  pelvic floor issues made even walking short distances quite painful. Not being able to exercise was really depressing. I found Erika after trying pelvic floor physiotherapy and medical interventions with little relief. Although the youngest of my four children is far from a baby, Erika got me back to running and exercising again and as a bonus my strength improved dramatically. Erika program adapts to meet your personal pelvic floor challenges. She is always positive, encouraging and passionate about helping women be their best selves. I highly recommend her to anyone facing pelvic floor issues, even 20 years postpartum!


Erika is extremely knowledgeable about everything pre & postnatal.  I recommend her programs to everyone who has ever had a baby, especially if they still have diastasis, leaking, or back pain.  It is very rare in the fitness industry to find a coach with a deep understanding of what moms need, so I send everyone to Erika!  If your back hurts or exercise is frustrating because you leak every time you jump, it is so easy to stop exercising completely. But it does not have to be that way- Erika’s program can help you eliminate those things and stay fit for life!


Another trainer suggested I work with Erika when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy.  She helped educate me and keep me in shape throughout my pregnancy.  After my baby was born, I followed her postnatal program and she has been amazing! She has helped me gain so much confidence and increased my overall strength.  I have learned more about the body, weight training, and nutrition than I ever knew (and I was a former athlete). She is not only a phenomenal trainer but an amazing person who connects with her clients.  She is a true genius in her expertise. 


I have been suffering with increasing lower back pain for the better part of 5 years.  Over the last year, it had become debilitating and I cut out all forms of exercise- from weightlifting to pilates to yoga.  This is, until I met Erika.  Erika helped me retrain how I use my body, first in everyday ways, but then reintegrating how I use my body for strength training.


In very little time, I have transformed how I move throughout the day and through my workouts.  I can now safely and effectively complete a pain-free weight training workout.  More importantly, I have reversed and stalled an injury I thought I would have for life.  As a lifelong gym rat and yogi, I thought I was going to have to give up. Erika made it possible for me to keep going. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to her.


It’s been 11 years since I had twins.  And, the day they were born began a backache that would be in my life almost everyday since.  Nothing I tried worked, until I discovered Erika's program. 

Whether you had a baby a month ago or 50 years ago, if you deal with a backache, weak core, weak bladder control and so on, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I started Erika’s postnatal recovery program 3 months ago and now I can't remember the last time I had a backache. Before, I was not able to lean over a sink to wash dishes, sit on the floor long enough to wrap Christmas presents, mop, play ball much with the twins or lift a small flat of water bottles without causing  backache. Now, I am squatting and deadlifting heavy weights!  I have seen similar transformations from all the women in the group!

Erika understands how busy mom life is too, so she’s taught us how to workout effectively and efficiently. That is a HUGE bonus I wasn’t expecting.  

Erika knows what she is doing. I cannot thank her enough for how much my quality of life and gym confidence has improved.  She is invaluable.

- Christie

I found Erika by recommendation from another personal trainer. While I had been getting by with some pelvic floor issues and diastasis recti after having twin boys over 9 years ago, it was clear that if I didn't take care of my issues that I would be dealing with more physical problems in the future. Within three months of doing Erika's program, we were able to solve my pelvic floor problems and close up my diastasis recti. I have never felt stronger!


I started working with Erika about a year after my pregnancy.  I felt weak, not happy with myself and my own workouts didn’t seem to be getting me any results.  Erika discovered my diastasis and weak hip muscles.   I joined Erika’s postnatal recovery program and I can say 8 weeks later that it has been truly life changing.  At about week 4 my diastasis was closed!

I am stronger (I can bench press and lift heavy weights!) and my body doesn’t ache.  Erika helped me get back on track and feel like I can truly have the healthy body that works like it was designed to!  She is such a great, knowledgeable trainer and she has prepared me for what is next in my fitness journey. 

 - Elizabeth

Of all the coaches I have had over the years, none has helped me improve more, nor given me such confidence, as Erika. 

At 62, I was a long-distance runner, yet a bit out of shape. Although I could finish long distance races, my core was lacking in strength, making my workouts uncomfortable. After I had worked unsuccessfully with two other coaches, my daughter recommended Erika, and reluctantly I decided to give her coaching a try. 

What I found astounded me. In just a few short weeks I grew noticeably stronger. The most beneficial thing Erika taught me was how to breathe – and I know that sounds like it’s not that big a deal, but believe me,  once she taught me these techniques, I  found myself being able to do so much more than I had dreamed of. 

Many of the exercises I performed with Erika were familiar to me, but Erika taught me to execute them properly, making a big difference in my results.  Unlike other coaches, Erika didn’t see my age or past injuries as a problem. She tailored each exercise to my goals and abilities and gave me the confidence I needed to work harder and see better results. 

What I learned from Erika has stayed with me. Because of her efforts, I am stronger and healthier, able to do so much more and still feel great. Her efforts with me helped me unlearn years of bad exercise habits. 

Erika is personable, knowledgeable, and determined to help each of her students meet their goals; even set new goals they didn’t know they could reach.


Working with Erika is really strength training for both your mind and your body.   She is inspirational as a person and a coach and helps all women appreciate and love their bodies.   She has extensive knowledge of exercise and how to make workouts work for you.  I would recommend her program to anyone who wants to learn how to get stronger. Erika's program is so effective for any woman who has ever had a baby.

It IS normal for your body to change after birth. But you don’t have to continue to struggle with pain, weak abs, or pee-sneezes. You can feel stronger than you have in years with my comprehensive, proven post-baby recovery program, even if your “baby” is in college.

About Erika

Erika Young is an experienced personal trainer, specializing in pre and postnatal fitness. She has competed in and coached a wide variety of sports, but now focuses exclusively on helping moms feel strong during and after pregnancy.

Erika's qualifications include: PCES (Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist), GGS Certified Pre&Postnatal Coach, ACE-CPT, PN1- Precision Nutrition, FMS-1- Functional Movement Screen, TRX and Metabolic Effect Hormonal Fat Loss Specialist.

Mom, it's time for your body to feel strong again. Your body needs this.

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